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yeast infection bumps


Yeast infection is basically, an infection that is caused by a fungus. The fungus which causes this disease is Candida. A minute quantity of candida lives in your mouth and intestine. It helps in digestion process and nutrient incorporation. When candida is overproduced, it burst out from the intestine and blood starts flowing out. This can be toxic for your body as it releases toxic material and causes a leakage. This can cause many health problems in your body like yeast infection bumps. Candida in body is kept normal because of healthy bacteria. Well, now question here is how does candida overgrow?

Overgrowth of candida

When the person takes large quantity of alcohol, candida starts growing in the body. This can cause various health issues. Besides, alcohol when the person eats more carbohydrates and sugar, oral contraceptives, takes more fermented food, takes more antibiotics and live life in stress and depression. Due to all these candida in the body starts growing faster. This is quite dangerous for health, as this spreads toxic materials in the body. This toxic material leads to many other infections in the body.


Now, here are some of the symptoms by which you can easily know that candida starts overgrowing.

  1. A person starts feeling tired and weak. He starts suffering from chronic fatigue.
  2. Digestion becomes difficult. Person starts suffering with diarrhea, constipation and bloating.
  3. Candida cause vaginal infection
  4. Seasonal allergies
  5. Itching starts in ears, vagina, urinary tract and rectal area.
  6. Person starts feeling depression, his moods swings and he suffers with anxiety.
  7. Lack of focus and memory becomes weak.

When you see such symptoms in your body, Candida has starts growing faster and this can cause serious health issues.


This is one of the main symptoms of Candida that shows increase of Candida in the body. It is caused by overgrowth of candida in intestine and mouth. The infection starts moving towards the skin of mouth or vagina. The skin will start changing its color and it starts causing irritation on infected skin. The irritation leads to create pimples on the contaminated skin. These pimples look like bumps. Bumps are raised area of skin caused by blood leakage from injered blood vessels. This blood from blood vessels moves in blood tissue. This creates purplish spots on the top layer of the skin known as ecchymosis.

The bumps caused by yeast infection are reddish in color. They don’t contain pus. These bumps cause itching, burning and rash on the infected skin. These bumps emerge to be like tender segment over an injured epidermis.


Well, it’s quite difficult to recognize the bumps of yeast infection, as it can be of any other bacterial infection. Its good infect best, if you go to the doctor, when you see such bumps on your skin.

Doctor will prescribe you some medicines as a treatment. It takes almost two weeks to get rid of bumps. If the treatment is done for two weeks and bumps are still there, then this is not yeast infection.


As we are seeing yeast infection bumps are spreading, many people’s are stressed and searching for much better cure. As we know, every disease comes with its cure. Now a day’s people are using counter medication to get rid of red itchy bumps, instead of curing the disease properly. It is becoming worst. Medication will only stop your bumps but it will take time to get fully cured. First of all here are some tips to get rid of germs so that the disease stops transmitting.

  1. Properly clean and wash your vaginal location, after shower, make sure particular region is completely dry, before putting clothes.
  2. Apply some lotion or cream to particular area. It will help in decreasing the problem and infection will not be distributed.
  3. Use condom or lubricating gel before having sex. If you are already suffering from bumps problem then avoid sex, as it will be painful and might infection get irritated and become worst.
  4. Start taking a balance diet. Add herbs to your diet, as herbs have many natural properties which help in getting rid of such problem.
  5. Apple cider vinegar, yogurt, probiotics, tea tree oil and coconut oil have very influential anti-fungal properties; utilize them in your life. Remove sugar, sweets and fizzy drinks from your diet to cure infection.
  6. Reducing stress is also an important factor, as it higher you’re resistant power and thus help in less growth of candida fungus. Beside this do proper exercise and take good sleep to get over the issue quickly.


Yeast infection bumps are caused by fungus. It contains toxic material. These bumps cause itching, irritation and reddishness of the skin. It is very important to take proper medication and diet to get rid of these bumps.

I hope the information is helpful. Do give us your feed back



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