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A Complete Information on: Why do My Nipples Hurt?

A Complete Information on: Why do My Nipples Hurt?

So, my nipples started to hurt again. And I go like why do my nipples hurt? What is the matter with me? Am I going too rough on myself? But you’re not doing anything intentional to cause this pain. Another question which usually bugs me is: why are my nipples sore? For these answers I had to do my own research. And upon completing that, I concluded:

The pain felt in your nipples is due to many reasons. It is important to understand that nipples are sensitive to sexual stimulation and also sensitive to irritation. There are several factors which contribute to this. Also, this thing is found in both men and women. So, what are the problems that are causing all this? Let us find out:

Why do my nipples hurt?

  • Ill fitted undergarments:

One of the most common issues regarding this pain is ill-fitting of the undergarments. If the undergarment is too tight and causing your breasts to squeeze in too much, this is one of the reasons.

  • Fissure:

This is common among women who exercise. One of the common reasons for this to occur is the wrong fitting of the sports bra. This is also due to not wearing any during workouts. The repeated friction of the nipple against the ill fitted bra will cause it to sore. This may cause soreness, irritation or dryness on the nipple. It is highly advised to look after this soreness if you are working out for hours. Long distance runners, athletes are likely to face this pain. This is also likable to occur for those who do not put on a rash guard.

It is advised to put on a more well-fitted bra or undergarment; prefer synthetic fabrics than cotton; rash guards are recommended for any sweat issues.

  • Allergy:

As mentioned earlier, nipples are prone to sensitivity. They are like to be affected by many aspects around us. The allergy could be found with excessive redness, chapping or itching. With the changes in weather, the nipples may hurt depending on the following conditions:

o    Soap chemicals may damage the skin. This also includes body lotions, shower gel, detergents etc.

o    Fabric materials will certainly cause this depending on the skin sensitivity.

o    Weather plays an important role on the condition of the skin. Dryness may occur not just on the nipples but on the whole body.

  • Paget’s disease of nipples:

This happens to be a very rare disease. This is associated with breast cancer. The cause of this disease is unknown.

The early symptoms may include crustiness and redness. If not taken care, the nipples may face itching, burning or tingling. It is advised to follow the doctor’s measures for curing this.

  • Mastitis:

This arises due to breastfeeding. This occurs due to inflammation of ducts of the breasts. This develops fast and will form a red area which will feel sore and feel lumps in the breast. This cannot be taken an infection and therefore can be treated with self-care. By this, any usage of antibiotics will not be necessary.

Here are the self-care methods for dealing with Mastitis:

o    Breastfeed the baby regularly and often

o    Try to feed the baby from the tender breast first

o    It is important to not take part in any hard work and have proper rest

o    Warm showers, bath or flannel before feeds.

o    Stroke the lump towards the nipple during breastfeeding.

If the pain doesn’t go away, it is best to seek medical advice from your doctor.

  • Thrush/Candidiasis:

Breastfeeding may cause soreness in nipples which could be a possible sign of nipple thrush. The symptoms develop after several weeks of breastfeeding. The symptoms may include:

o    Stinging, burning developing on one or both breasts

o    Growing pain that may last for an hour or so after breastfeeding

o    Sore, pained nipples

There could be no symptoms of this infection and it could still be there. The diagnosis of this disease is very difficult. This can also be transformed to the baby. The baby will show white patches in its mouth. This can be cured by applying the anti-fungal cream, balm or oral medicines.

The answer to the questions, why are my nipples sore or why do my nipples hurt lies on this reason:

A common complaint frequently found during pregnancy. This is rather natural and is nothing to worry about. During pregnancy, the pregnancy hormones begin to flow and the blood flow increases. This makes breasts feel heavier and thus causing pain in the breasts and nipples. This pain is spotted during the early months of pregnancy. This pain can be easily suppressed by putting on bras that are comfortable. The bra will not let the pain flow and it will regulate the weight put onto the breast.

These are a few details on nipple pains. To know more about your trouble, it is also recommended to seek medical advice before doing anything.


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