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Moon rocks weed

A complete guide to moon rocks weed

You all must be familiar with the term moon rocks and if not then let me tell you what it is. Moon rock is actually a strongest form of cannabis available today. It is a combination of weed strain girl scout cookies which is then dipped in hash oil. After wards moon rock is sprinkled with kief.


What is actually the moon rocks weed?

When we talk of moon rocks then they are not strain in actual but it is rather prepared when you combine bunch of various cannabis into single pure weed that gives the pleasure. These are nuggets from the Girl Scout cookies with a layer of pure kief. There may be nug that is without the kief layer. Once you break it open you will be amazed to see its beauty present in the form of kief oil and flower. This is rather a protection to the pollens of solid cannabis. This product contains 51.2% THC.

How is the appearance and flavor of moon rock?

The outer side of this weed resembles to hash in looks with dark purple color. Once the bud in broken down then inside the bud there are lush green colored leaves. Many people are curious to know about its flavor. It has a sweet flavor. The flavor gets destroyed for those you use butane lighter. The best way is to light it with a hemp wick to enjoy its original flavor. Moon rock lacks its aromatic sensation. The overdose of moon rock causes extreme hunger pangs and sleepiness. So it is recommended to use smaller levels of moon rock in order to enjoy the actual boost of this product.

From where can I buy moon rock?

You get moon rock from various dispensaries. Its price ranges from $25 to $30 per gram. Don’t look at the price but think of the quality of the product that you will get. There are some different countries around the world where there are different varieties and variations of moon rock are available at different price ranges. Once you experience it, you will feel out of this world. That is why people fall in love with it during their first experience. It is really powerful and sensation that now people are crazy about finding its variation around the world.

Can I make my own moon rock?

The smokers would be pleased to hear that now they can make their own moon rock very easily. First of all you need to collect all the required ingredients that include few drops of hash oil, good sized nuggets and some quantity of kief. You will also be needed tweezers. Before you get started, use the tweezers in order to hold the bud. Now you have to cover it wholly with a layer of oil. A great idea is to let the oil soak in well before you proceed further for that you have to give another layer of oil to it. Now you will see the stickiness in the bud from outside. It is the step when the entire thing will be covered with kief. How have to check that kief sticks well to the oil. Make sure that the whole thing is well covered with solid pollen’s layer. At the end you have to wait until it dries out well. There you go with your moon rock weed.

How to use moon rock?

Many people are confused about the use of moon rocks weed. To clear their confusions you must know that it is used in the same way as you use normal bud. You have to be careful only at the time of layer of kief on it. The technique is to break it open carefully without losing the layer of kief. Never to use grinders otherwise you will lose the kief. Simply use a sharp knife to break it open. Once you open it, chopping it up into a bowl. These can also be used in the form of edibles like many people love to eat brownies with moon rock. Be careful not to waste any leftover of moon rock. These are three different forms of cannabis that you get in a single nug. So it is a wonderful creation that is why you should make sure you don’t waste any of it. With this procedure you can make your own moon rock pretty well. It is in reality the original cannabis experience that you will not forget throughout your life.

What are the benefits of moon rocks weed?

There are lots of medicinal uses of this whole thing. As you already know that it contains 51.2% THC and is an effective way to reduce in sort of pain. It aids to stimulate your appetite and you feel good. The people will nausea feeling should try this weed in order to get rid of nausea. It helps you to fight with any sort of anxiety, pain and other conditions.


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