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how to grow weed

How to grow weed indoors with this step by step guide for beginners

How to grow weed indoors with this step by step guide for beginners

People who are attracted towards the weed are curious to know about the ways of growing weed. They don’t know how to grow weed that is why they are in search of simple method by which they can grow the weed naturally and easily. Here is the complete guide for growing cannabis easily with clear instructions. These are very helpful especial for those who are growing the weed for the first time.

Select the area for growing the weed

First of all you need to select an appropriate space where you want to grow the weed. The area can even be the closet, any spare room on any part of your unfinished basement. If you are a beginner then I would advise you to start with a small area first. It will be less expensive and easier for you to monitor your plants as well. You also need to look for the equipments needs and things like lights, fans etc. so there must be some extra space available because the plants grow double in size well. The area should be properly cleaned and avoid raw wood or carpets if you don’t know how to grow weed indoors. Make sure the light does not leak otherwise it will lead to the production of male flowers.

Choosing the weed grow lights

The lights play a vital role in ensuring the quality as well as the quantity of the weed yields. The lighting setup should be well arranged and affordable also. You can go for HID grow lights which are known for their quality and efficiency. They are expensive a bit.

Air is needed for plants

As you all know that air is needed for plants during the process of photosynthesis. It means that there should be constant flow of air in the room r area where you are growing your plants. This can be done with exhaust fans placed at the top so that warmer air is removed. The temperature of the rooms needs to be maintained. Make sure it ranges from 70 degrees F to 85 degrees at the time of lights turned on. When the lights are off it needs to be around 58 degrees F to 70 degrees F.

Monitor the weeds and your controls

When the air and temperature are all set then it comes to the functions of your equipments. The system will control the temperature, light, humidity and the levels of CO2. If you are a beginner then you need to set up a timer of 24 hours with an adjustable thermostat switch. The timer is important to control the lights for the duration when they are in vegetative form and also when they are blooming.

Decisions during medium for growth of weed

When you don’t know how to grow weed indoors and you are growing the cannabis indoors for the first time then one of the medium is soil. It is the conventional way to grow plant indoors. It is the best choice for the beginners. Good quality pot soil will work well for you. Many beginners go for pre fertilized soil which contains all the necessary nutrients and there is no need to add them by your own. If you are growing with organic soil then make sure you give the plants frequent soil mix and supplements when the soil is depleted.

Suitable container for the weed growth

You can use the hydroponic system that is in tray style that contains different net pots of small size. Other way is to use disposable plastic bags that are perforated or the smart pots to enhance the air flow. These plants are very sensitive. Proper drainage is necessary because any kind of logged water can be dangerous for you plants. You have drill the holes at the bottom of the containers to let the water drain directly.

Essential nutrients for your plants

As we human beings need food in the same way plants also need nutrients. Fertilizer and essential nutrients are needed for healthy growth. The macronutrients are necessary otherwise the growth will not be as desired. These include Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. Micronutrients are also needed at the time of growth. When you don’t know how to grow weed then don’t forget to provide them with both the types of nutrients.

Watering your weed plants

Watering the plants twice is essential depending upon the type of water. Never overwater the plants. These plants are susceptible to fungal diseases in the roots. The beginners should avoid this mistake and not to make the area too wet. With the passage of time and with enough knowledge, you will be able to know about the requirements of your plants. Yu will make more perfect environment next time. Growing best weed requires dedication and passion otherwise all your money will be wasted. I hope this article will be helpful for you. By following these instructions and techniques you can easily grow healthy weeds indoors. After the successful attempt, next time you can confident grow your pants at large scale.


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