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how many minutes in a year, month, week and day or hour

i will tell you All about minutes: how many minutes in a year, month, week and day or hour

Calculate how many minutes in a year in an easiest way

Time is everything that needs to be valued if you want to fulfill your dreams. You probably did not realize how many moments you missed in life but you will come to know about them once you know how many minutes in a year are there. The answer is not that philosophical but it needs the understanding of the smallest unit of time that is second. When it comes to minutes then minutes may change the life of a person when spent correctly otherwise one has to face the consequences. Many people confuse with this conversion because they think that dividing the whole year into minutes is not their cup of tea.

How many minutes in a hour are there?

If you don’t like mathematics then don’t worry at all because it is very easy to tell the number minutes in a year. It is not something that one may answer instantly because it requires step by step calculation to reach the correct answer. First of all you need to take start with a simple step. You must know the number of minutes in an hour and from that knowledge you can proceed towards an year. There are 60 minutes in an hour. Every minute has 60 seconds in it. As both the digits are 60 so you don’t need to mix minutes with seconds.

How many minutes in a day are there?

Once the minutes for an hour are calculated then you have to calculate them for one day. To calculate the number of minutes in a day became much easier to answer from our previous calculations? There are 60 minutes in an hour and we also know that the total hours in a day are 24 so when you multiply 60 with 24 then the answer is 1440. So it means that there are 1440 minutes in day. It was so simple even for a person with basic understanding of mathematics. You will also be able to tell how many minutes in a year once you follow everything carefully.

How many minutes in a week are there?

When days pass then there forms a complete week. There are 7 days in a week and a week starts from Monday as the first day of the week. Now you need to tell about the minutes in the hours spent throughout the week. It also doesn’t require rocket science. Let me guide you to calculate the minutes in a hour weeks. You previously know that one week comprises of 7 days. For one day there are 24 hours. So for 7 days the hours would be 7 multiplied by 24 and the answer is 168 hours. Now to convert these minutes into hours you have to multiply 168 with 60 because there are 60 minutes in an hour. So the answer becomes 10080 minutes.

How many minutes in a month are there?

It is also another question asked by many people. The answer is there are 43800 minutes in a month. Your answer may vary with my answer but you need to remember the fact that there are five weeks in some months of the year. So you have to take care about that. I would not go into so many details and this explanation would be enough to explain my point.

How many minutes in a year are there?

Now we have finally reached the point where we have to tell the total number of minutes in one year through proper calculation. It is very important that you should take care of the units at the time of conversion otherwise the answer will not be accurate. There are 12 months in a year and every month has 30 days. Forget about 31 for some time. Now after multiplying 12 with 30 you will get the number of days in one year. Without taking into account the leap year, you know that there are about 365 days in a year. In one day there are 24 hours and in one hour 60 minutes. Now you need to multiply all these values.


365 days in a year *24 hours in a day *60 minutes in one hour = 525600 minutes in a year

how many minutes in a year

It means that the correct numbers of minutes are 525600 in one year. This conversion is done by keeping in view the Gregorian year that is typically considered. If you consider lunar year, Julian year anomalistic or many other years then the answer will be a bit different due to extra ten days and 12 minutes to be extra included in the conversion. Anyway we found our answer without any difficulty.

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