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how many days in a year

Want to know how many days in a year are there?

It is not a tricky question to answer that how many days in a year are there but many people look for the exact answer. There are 366.242 days exactly in a year. Time passes with every single second. It is important that it should be passed with our family and friends so that we can recall the special moments spent with them throughout the year. As 1 day is equal to 24 hours therefore we should spend the time in something positive and productive. Don’t forget to plan for the New Year and the goals that you want to achieve in life this year.

There are 12 months in year and it’s up to you to plan your time for these twelve months in order to have a successful year. It’s not about the number of days but it’s about the experience that you gain throughout these days. These 365 days can change your future. So the main thing is to spend every single day with your full capacity and capability to get something good out of you. Apart from the days, there are 8765 hours, 526,000 minutes and roughly 31.6 million minutes in a year. The confusing part is of how many days in a year. Here you will get a clear answer.

Normally we all know that there are 365 days in a year but the number of days can vary whenever there is a leap year. Still don’t know that how many days in a leap year are there? In a leap year an extra day is added then the total number of days will become 366 during the leap year. The day is added in the month of February so the number of days in this month becomes 29 otherwise there are 28 days in the month of February without leap year. It is an interesting fact and people want to know about this leap year phenomenon. There are so many popular personalities born on leap years and they were considered as people with special powers but it is not true. The people born on leap year are just like those born on other days throughout the year.

When do we get a leap year?

The people followed an algorithm in order to check the year that whether it would be leap year or not. According to them if a year was divisible by 4 then it would be a leap year like 2004 and 2008 would be divided by 4. Also the years divisible by 400 were also considered to be leap years. Like 1600 or 2000 were leap years as well. This marks a year into 365.24 days. But this algorithm is not considered to be accurate today. The extra 0.000125 days is added over 8000 years. So the confusion of how many days in a leap year is solved by the addition of an extra day.

Why do we get leap years?

After every four years, an extra day is added in the month of February that is inconsistent with the Gregorian calendar. One complete orbit of earth round the sun is of 365.2422 days but Gregorian calendar marks it as 365 days. So the basic purpose of the leap years in to be synchronized with the time and seasons by living on this earth.

Why does an extra day added in February?

People often wonder that why this extra day is added to the month of February and not in other months. In Julian calendar all the other months contain 30 or 31 days and only February is left with 28 days. Julius Caesar has 30 days of February and July was the month named after him with 31 days and Augustus was left with 29. When Caesar Augustus came to power, he added two days to his own month making it similar to July. In this way those two days were lost by February and it was left with only 28 days.

As a rule it happens that a leap year comes after every four years. Like the year 2000 was leap year and 1800 and 1900 were not leap years because they were not divisible by 400 and 100. That year was considered to be a leap year which was divisible by four. This is also a kind of additional rule but it is not as correct as it is thought.

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