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How long does weed stay in your system

How long does weed stay in your system?

Weed which is commonly known as marijuana, made from Cannabis plant is used for medical purposes. As a drug it is beneficial because it has been used as medicine for the past many years. Today many people think that how long does weed stay in your system and in reality is a debatable topic and the answer may vary from person to person. When a person smokes marijuana then its effects disappear shortly but the drug may remain inside the body for weeks or even more than that. Basically its stay in the system depends on the person that how much amount he has been consuming and for how long it is used.

Studies have shown that one of the active ingredients in marijuana includes Tetrahydrocannabinol which is simply known as THC. It enters the bloodstream instantly after one smokes. On the other hand apart from smoking if you ingest marijuana then it will take longer time to be completely absorbed into the blood. The duration can be from 20 minutes to an hour or even more. THC is very easily detected in the blood because of its quick metabolizing into metabolites. A number of metabolites are stored in body fats and these are slowly eliminated from the body in the form of urine or feces.

At the time of employment often a person has to go through urine test in order to detect weed and if you have recently smoked weed then you are definitely going to fail the test. People who are regular to heavy smokers fail this test. Drug addiction is a major issue among today’s employers that is why there should be frequent testing from the current employees to know the actual intake of drugs. How long does marijuana stay in your system is of major concern as compared to any other drug. So, one has to quit smoking in order to pass through this weed or marijuana test. This drug stays for a longer time inside the system as compared to other chemicals or substances due to its cumulative effect. Its stays in the body for 12 hours after last consumed. So you have to be careful because a urine test on a short notice can put you in hot waters.

How long can weed be detected?

The metabolites which are formed can be detected quickly; some have their elimination half-life of around 20 hours while others which are stored in body fats have elimination half-life of around 10-13 days. A number of researches show that one can detect the drug through urine tests up to 13 days. At the end it depends that how heavily you had smoked the last time. It is noticed that normal smokers show positive results regarding this drug test even after 45 days it was last consumed. This can be the approximate answer to the question that how long does weed stay in your system?

Are marijuana urine tests effective?

Today the laboratories show effective tests conducted in case of weed. The initial step is the screening of sample with an immunoassay test called as RIA or the EMIT. In case of positive results, the sample is again tested this time with a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer which gives even more accurate results. So you must know that it is very rare that there are false positives.

Ways to test marijuana other than urine test

  • There are some others ways of testing weed apart from urine that can be from the saliva. This type of test is usually conducted by road police to know about the drivers using drugs. In saliva the effects of smoking weed becomes positive after one hour and it even stays up to twelve hours.
  • THC remains in the hair follicles up to 7 days of last consumed. It binds the hair follicles so most of the tests last for 90 days of period but it is not obvious that it actually binds the hair follicles so this type of test is rarely used.
  • You can rarely measure THC from the blood as THC metabolites does not bind to the blood for more time. So the testing of cannabis from the blood detects only its recent use.

Can a person beat marijuana test?

Many people think of the ways to beat the marijuana test and there are ways on the internet also. One such way is to wash your system that is by drinking lots and lots of water. You must urinate for a number of times before the test. Then you can take vitamin B-2 to give back the color to urine. It may dilute the percentage of THC but cannot be eliminated  completely.

People also drink herbal teas to eliminate the effect of weed from the system. These are actually cleaning teas but they have to be consumed for a longer period of time so that the body may eliminate the traces of marijuana actually. These kinds of techniques are not true actually and you cannot fool the test. So it is better to avoid the intake of weed to pass from any kind of drug test.


In the end I would like to say that how long does marijuana stay in your system depends on various factors that include fluid intake, frequent use of marijuana, condition of the patient, drug potency and so on. Those who are overweight might take more time to clear the test because metabolites are stored in fat tissues.

To sum up the whole debate we can say that presently many organizations are testing their employees for drugs and testing for weed is one of them. Although its consumption has become legal now, still such employees are a risk for the company.


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