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Ear Wax Candle: What is it all about?

Ear Wax Candle: What is it all about?

Three words, Ear Wax Candle, sound familiar? I am sure they do. Last time, you heard something about ears, you were lost in the mystery of how they help you listen to things. Also, if you were not lucky enough, you must have had wax issues in your ears. If you didn’t have those, and someone you know did, you must have heard a lot about ear wax. Now, here’s this weird thing about wax: it is found in candles. So, what is a prehistoric source of light doing in ears? So, if you’re wondering if we are going to talk about how to lighten your ear? You’re not right there, but then, we do have something to tell you.

Ear Wax Candle:

Ear wax candle. What is this all about? Are you on your way to fall into a massive scam? Are we going to convince you what is so special about ear wax candle? To be very neutral, we are just going to tell you about Ear Wax Candle from a much unbiased perspective. Questions related to the basis of Ear Wax Candle, how did it start? We will tell you all that.

What is Ear Wax Candle?

Remember that last line we talked about in the first paragraph? Actually having to lighten up your ear? Let’s talk about that. So to actually observe this, you have to get a candle. This is sort of like hollow fabric cone dipped in wax or paraffin. You place the candle in your ear. Let the other side burn that is not in the ear. Do not panic, this is a practice for getting ear wax out of your ears.

What do people think how it works? How does it really get the wax out?

People believe that in doing so, a suction force is created. As the other end of the candle burns, the wax present inside the ear is sucked up. When this happens, the suction leaves the wax out. Others believe, the burning warms the ear wax. When the candle wax is hot, it softens the wax present in the ear. When this happens, the softened wax leaves the ear automatically without any assistance. Many followers of this practice believe, this leaves your head clean and open.

But, has this practice ever been seen recommended by a physician?

How does medical science see Ear wax candle?

If you’re going to skip the whole paragraph, you shouldn’t, the answer is very simple. A long time ago, the internal area of the head seemed like a pathway of pipes connected to each other. Now, that is regarded a myth, or better, fallacy. There are no hollow pipes. There are so many things that get in the way from the ear to brain. Such as eardrums, which let the air hit them so they can beat and transfer hearing to the brain.

Also, the fact we mentioned about ear wax being softened or having sucked out is really not a fact. Turns out, the ear wax needs a lot of temperature to be softened and burning the candle just won’t do. The idea of sucking the ear wax is also impractical.

  • The Answer:

So, the answer we referred about in the first sentence is, in very short words, not practical at all. But if you are wondering, what about the practitioners? What about those who really had the wax out? The answer to that is, it is very tedious and not practical. And why is it not recommended is also because it can be very dangerous as well. Common sense may suggest that putting a flame anywhere near your face is not a very fun or healthy idea. You may face a burn. There have never been any recommendations regarding this practice.

What is important to understand is that many common practices are have been followed. Those having been proved by science were encouraged and regarded the best. Those that didn’t do a thing were rejected. Those that were hazardous were rejected as well as looked down upon. So, the next time these words Ear Wax Candle appears, keep the candle away from your face.

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