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Many women wonder to know the answer that CAN YOU GET PREGNANT FROM PRECUM?  This question must be in the minds of so many women around there and let me explain you its answer. First of all you should know that what precum actually is and why has it become a confusing topic to discuss. To put to an end all the confusion at once, you can get pregnant from precum but its chances are very rare.

What is Precum?

Another common name of precum is pre-ejaculate. Precum is actually the fluid that is naturally produced by bulb urethral glands of males and it comes out from the penis. The fundamental bulb urethral gland is the prostate. There are other minor glands in man’s body and one such is penis. The appearance of the fabricated liquid is just like other mucous emissions of the body. The thing which differentiates it with other fluids is the contrasting contents of proteins and also augmented concentration of sugars like fructose. The fundamental purpose which precum performs is the clearance of urethra from any sort of bacteria or remains of urine. It’s another function is to lubricate the glans and the foreskin during intercourse. It absolutely depends from person to person that are there any amounts of spermatozoids in precum or not. There are least chances of pregnancy but still there is chance because you can get pregnant even with a single sperm. So the secure way is the use of condoms throughout intercourse.

Can Precum get you pregnant?

Now you can tell very well about precum and also know that you can get pregnant from precum. It is true but not always. There are possibility of pregnancy depending upon the conditions and situations of an individual. Precum is the fluid that a guy ejaculates from his penis when it is erected. On releasing, the inside of urethra is cleaned. Urethra is that tube through which semen and urine passes out from the body by means of penis. Naturally the precum fluid makes urethra less acidic and the new place is given to the sperms for their survival which is a woman’s vagina.

Is the pullout method effective?

It is also known as the withdrawal or pullout method. Researchers have made this point clear that there is only one possibility of being pregnant that is if there are live sperms present is man’s urethra from previous ejaculation. Along with the precum, the leftover sperm will also leave urethra out of the penis and will enter into woman’s vagina. When after sex, a guy feels going to the washroom then in this way all the leftover sperms are killed. Let me explain this situation with an example. Suppose if a guy had sex at 2 pm and he did not go to the washroom and again had sex at 3 pm. The fluid which was released afterwards contained live sperms and those sperms could make a lady pregnant very easily. Also the chances of this kind of pregnancy are less. In this case Can you get pregnant from pre cum is a matter of luck!

Studies have also shown that there are sperms not every time in a guy’s precum. It varies from man to man. One cannot tell that whether his precum has sperms every time or not. So as partners you should be aware of this possibility that pregnancy can occur even with a single sperm. But it is very rare in the present case. As a matter of fact there are present some kind of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs in precum. So it is advised that a guy must use a condom at the time when he gets erection.

Possibility of STDs through Precum

The risk factor of sexually transmitted diseases is very high during the intercourse between two individuals. When this question CAN YOU GET PREGNANT FROM PRECUM?  Is asked then apart from the chances of getting pregnant, there are possibilities of getting various infections that can be transmitted through partner’s body. Some common types of STDs include Chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis add the last stage of HIV. So the point to ponder is to take precautionary measures during sex otherwise you can get various sexually transmitted diseases unknowingly. If you are suffering from any of the STDs then it is advised to use condom. Special care of one’s self is also very important before and after the intercourse.


Well precum can easily make you pregnant but the possibility is very rare. It is referred to as once in a blue moon that is pregnancy through precum. It all depends that whether the precum contains live sperms or not. Not every time there are live sperms present. But they can be transmitted into a woman’s vagina after two to three injections. It absolutely depends upon the guy. At the end the point is to take precautionary measures during the intercourse like the use of condom otherwise you will get STDs unknowingly.

The best way to clear out the urethra with sperms is by urination. So make sure the guy urinated in between the ejaculations in order to stay away his partner from the risk of pregnancy. This withdrawal method is not very effective as thought by guys. Thus the safest way is the use of condoms. It is all up to your partner whether he knows the right withdrawal method otherwise there are chances of pregnancy irrespective of the Planned Parenthood. So CAN YOU GET PREGNANT FROM PRECUM?  Maybe once in a blue moon or depends on your luck also. There are problems with every guy at that right moment of ejaculation. Because of this one can miss the full pleasure of intercourse as there is always risk factor relating to pregnancy. The sperms can even reach the vagina through hands and these sperms are alive from 3 to 7 days in the vagina. Withdrawal is not a big deal but all that matters is the way in which it is performed. However this issue improves with self-control and experience. If you have become pregnant and there are no plans to have children in the near future then you can have contraception method.


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